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Here is a sample of local rose society websites. The California societies are listed alphabetically first. Thereafter, the rest of the societies are listed alphabetically by state. For a greater listing of local society websites please visit the American Rose Society Home Page.

California Rose Society Websites

East Bay Rose Society -- Oakland and nearby areas of the San Francisco Bay in northern California.
Gold Country Rose Society-- Auburn and other nearby areas of the sierra foothills areas of northern California
Los Angeles Rose Society -- Los Angeles area.
Marin Rose Society -- Marin County and northern San Francisco Bay
Pacific Rose Society -- Los Angeles area in southern California
Redwood Empire Rose Society -- Sonoma County and adjacent areas in northern California
Sacramento Rose Society -- Greater Sacramento area
San Diego Rose Society -- Greater San Diego area in southern California
San Fernando Valley Rose Society -- San Fernando Valley area of southern California.
San Francisco Rose Society -- Greater San Francisco area
San Joaquin Valley Rose Society -- Fresno and adjacent areas of central California
Santa Clara County Rose Society -- Santa Clara County and adjacent areas of south San Francisco Bay
Santa Clarita Valley Rose Society -- Santa Clarita-Valencia areas of northern Los Angeles County.
Shasta Rose Society Redding area of northern California
Sierra Foothills Rose Society -- Eastern Sacramento County to the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
Ventura County Rose Society -- Ventura area of south coastal southern California

Other Rose Society Websites in the United States

Tucson Rose Society -- Tucson, ARIZONA
Mesa-East Valley Rose Society -- Phoenix-Mesa-Chandler areas of central ARIZONA
Boulder Valley Rose Society -- Boulder, COLORADO
Jacksonville Rose Society -- Jacksonville, FL
Indianapolis Rose Society -- Indianapolis, INDIANA
Acadiana Rose Society -- Lafayette, LOUISIANA
Albuquerque Rose Society -- Albuquerque, NEW MEXICO
Detroit Rose Society -- Detroit, MICHIGAN
Grand Valley Rose Society -- Grand Rapids, MICHIGAN
Greater Lansing Rose Society -- Lansing, MICHIGAN
Greater Saginaw Rose Society -- Saginaw, MICHIGAN
Roses West Rose Society -- Novi, MICHIGAN
Rose Society of Greater St. Louis -- St. Louis, MISSOURI
Charleston Lowcountry Rose Society -- Charleston, SOUTH CAROLINA
Corpus Christi Rose Society -- Corpus Christi, TEXAS
Golden Triangle Rose Society -- Beaumont, TEXAS
Houston Rose Society -- Houston, TEXAS


There are 18 districts in the American Rose Society. Some districts are made up of one state while others take up several states or parts of states. Here is a sample of those districts that have home pages:

American Rose Society -- United States
Carolina District -- North and South Carolina
Great Lakes District -- Michigan
NCNH District -- Northern California, northern Nevada and Hawaii
Pacific Southwest District -- Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, southern Nevada, western Texas


Canadian Rose Society -- CANADA
Fraser Pacific Rose Society -- Coquitlam, British Columbia, CANADA
Quebec Rose Society -- Quebec, CANADA
Vancouver Rose Society -- Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA
German Rose Society -- Bremen, GERMANY
Royal National Rose Society -- England and British Empire
World Federation of Roses -- International society with many member national societies.


Paul Barden's Web Page in Corvallis, OR
Bob Bauer's Website -- Great rose photos and rose photography tips
Gary Gaugler's Photoweb Site - Great photos and photo tips
Mark Huss' Web Page in PA
Chris & Cheryl Netter Home Page Lots of horticulture links & lots rose pictures.
Robin Rosenberg's Home Page pictures of roses, arrangements, etc.
Julie Saurbaugh's Home Page
Mack Stephen's home page Lots of rose pictures from his home in New Mexico.
The Armchair Gardener - Deborah Simpson's (Aka Dr. deb) garden page!
Alan Zelhart's Web Page in Chandler, AZ


Amity Heritage Roses
Arena Roses Online
Bridges Roses' New website for 2001
Carlton Roses
Edmunds' Roses
Fryer's Roses
Harkness Roses
Jackson and Perkins Roses
Kordes' Roses
Michael's Premier Roses Roses
Mini Rose Garden
Nor'East Mini Roses
Peter Beales Classic Roses
Regan Nursery
Sequoia Nursery
Tiny Petals
White Rabbit Roses Home Page - This is the new webpage for Mother Sage, Alice Flores, who is just starting a new business on old garden roses. Watch for her column Just Ask Alice and expect lots of information on Old Garden Roses.
Weeks' Wholesale Roses
Wisconsin Roses


The Garden Gate at PrairieNet
The GardenWeb -- Lots of information on general gardening.
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew's Links
Minter Gardens, British Columbia, Canada
The Gardening Launch Pad

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